Highland Community Church* is a community of people

who know they are loved by God

and are learning to love God and others

… through celebration and service

… under the Lordship of Jesus Christ

… empowered by the Holy Spirit.

We nurture and share this gift of love through the actions of


facilitated by SERVANT LEADERSHIP among us.


Core Value 1: Relating to the Living God

We believe that nurturing a dynamic relationship with the living God is the single most important action of our personal and corporate life; and we invite others to accept and grow in that same relationship.


Core Value 2: Accepting and Caring for each other

We believe that the church is a place of belonging for families and singles; and we invite others to receive a place with us.


Core Value 3: Cooperating with God’s work in the world

We believe that we are called to cooperate in God’s mission of bringing all things in this world back into harmony with God; and we invite others to become God’s agents with us.


* A member of the BC Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches