Highland Community Church is a community of people who know they are loved by God and are learning to love God and others …through celebration and service…under the Lordship of Jesus Christ…empowered by the Holy Spirit.

For more information on becoming part of the Highland community, we invite you to contact our co pastoral elders, J Janzen and Christine Kampen at highlandcc@gmail.com .

A Brief History of HCC

Highland Community Church was founded in September 1975 under the name Neighbourhood Bible Fellowship. The original organization of this new congregation was facilitated by representatives of several local Mennonite Brethren churches. The church initially met at Columbia Bible College until the current sanctuary was built in 1980, at which time the name was changed to Highland Community Church.

The impetus for the establishment of this new church included a desire for: worship renewal (vs tradition), spiritual growth (vs programs), identification with community (vs denominationalism), family involvement (vs age-specific activities), care groups (vs total reliance on clergy care), sharing responsibilities (vs multiple paid staff), and an emphasis on teaching (vs preaching).

Upon moving into the present building, the membership was committed to making the facility available to the surrounding community. Groups that have used the building include day-care services, a private school, community clubs such as Boy Scouts and Girl Guides, other church congregations, and many others.

Many people who have attended Highland over the years have seen themselves as marginalized, disenfranchised, and wounded–sometimes resulting from previous church involvements and leadership. The care and acceptance offered to these people resulted in their nurture and healing, following which some would then move on to other churches. This pattern reflects Highland’s self-perception as a “hospital church”, and is viewed as a special ministry God has given to Highland within the community.