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Wedding of Chris Wiebe and Bryanna Alstad, July 4, 2009, at Andrew’s United Church, Mission, BC.

by Cheryl Wall

Chris escorts the mothers down the aisle: Meg Gerbrandt-Wiebe and Ellen Alstad Marriage ceremony with Arlene Crop officiating Very emotional wedding vows Chris and Bryanna Alstad-Wiebe The wedding party The Gerbrandts: Agnes Gerbrandt, Meg Gerbrandt-Wiebe, Chris Wiebe, Bryanna Alstad-Wiebe, RaeAnn Wiebe, Jeff Wilson The reception Meg and her sisters at the reception: Ruth Reimer, Connie […]

More pictures from Lithuania

by Cheryl Wall

The faculty and staff of the Summer Language Institute at LCC International University.In this photo: Defehr Centras is the main classroom complex and also houses the library. Lilly Kehler (Holly Klaasen’s mom), David Watry who shares my classroom, Laura Enns, Shirley from the US, Lois Klassen, Maryann Jantzen, Erv Kehler (Holly Klaassen’s dad) from Chilliwack., […]

Greetings from Lithuania

by Holly Klaassen

Old town Klaipeda is very charming and has wonderful restaurants. We have been taking advantage of them at every opportunity. I’m looking forward to meeting my students on Monday with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. This week has been very busy with orientation for teachers and with lesson preparation. Registration for students is on […]

The Quainthearted Concert

by Cheryl Wall

A sampling of photos for those of you unable to attend The Quainthearted’s July 1st concert at Granville Island, with Alexander Klassen on drums.