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Book Review – Pax Avalon

by Cheryl Wall

A peaceful action hero Pax Avalon: Conflict RevolutionSteven “Reece” FriesenHerald Press, 2008120 pages Like the superheroes they portray, comic books have changed their identity in the last 20 years. Comic books have moved from the shelves of mom-and-pop drugstores to videogame consoles and the silver screen; from the grimy specialty shop to libraries and bookstores. […]

Recent Happenings

by Cheryl Wall

A few Sundays ago Andrew participated in a discussion on women in leadership at Jericho Ridge MB Church (Langley). If you care to dip into what happened, visit Wayne Bremner’s op-ed piece re. the ongoing Israel-Palestinian recently appeared in the BC Christian News. This is a fine article that has received some unfair criticism. […]